by Franz Nicolay

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Patrick Book Nicolay is an artist who follows his own unique muse no matter where it leads him. These may be covers and leftovers but it's also a fine introduction to his current style of writing. Favorite track: Balthazar, Impresario (Frank Turner cover).
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Covers, bonus tracks, unused demos, and other miscellaneous recordings of dubious interest. New tracks added sporadically.


released January 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Franz Nicolay Brooklyn, New York

To us, the beautiful - and to those who disagree, may their eyes fall out.


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Track Name: Miss Simferopol
happy birthday, miss simferopol
out there by the black sea
you're closer to constantinople
than you are to me
hope you're not lonely, miss simferopol
far from new york or dc
though you're nearly ten thousand miles to the east
somehow i feel like you're still sitting here with me

george jones says send wine-colored roses
that way she'll know that you care
bob dylan only tells me things that i already know
like you're gonna make me lonesome when you go
roy orbison, it's not just you who just can't keep from cryin'
girl groups only make me think about how she's so fine
so if you're sitting by yourself in the crimean night
someone back here's still got you on his mind


if i could, i'd walk ten thousand miles and then some more
just to be the man who walked ten thousand miles to your door
i've tried old-time string bands, 3-part tunes, bob wills, the jackson five
durante says a kiss is just a kiss as time goes by
turns out none of the greatest songwriters the world has ever known
can make me keep from wishing you here at home
even the worst pop song writers the world has ever seen
can't stop my wishing you were sitting here with me

Track Name: Almond Eyes
That girl with the almond eyes is sitting by the bed
Durante's on the radio
Well, that was just a dream I had

And that's her on a spotlit stage
Lights flaring in her hair
Songs about lost sailors
Some sinners, and a porte cochere

A crowd is full of long-gone lovers
A crowd is full of distant friends
Hands held high waving "look at me"
Or "play that song again"

If later that girl with the almond eyes
Is sitting on a bed
Dolly Parton on the radio
the songs are written, the letters read

And if you ever wonder in some European night
If your parents think you've chosen wisely
If your brother thinks you're right

If you ever wonder who out there loves you
I hope now you know
If you wonder if we're thinking of you
Just know it's so

They say good things always come in time
I hope that's true
And that this will all be easy someday
I hope that for you
Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny
Well, that's true too

And if you ever wonder who out there loves you
Now you know
If you wonder if we're thinking of you
Just know it's so